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  • Measuring window length image
    Measuring Length
    Determine if you want your panel to end at the sill or below the sill, graze the floor, or puddle on the floor. Measure from the rod to the desired length and round up to the nearest 1/8".
  • Measuring window width image
    Measuring Width
    Determine if you will be mounting the panel inside or outside of the casement. Multiply the window width by 2 or 3 to determine how many panels you will need if you prefer a gathered look.
  • Panel Length
  • Measuring panel length image
  • Panel Opacity
  • Sheer window image
    From lace to voile, these panels create a light & airy look in your room without significatly dimishing natural light or completely blocking the view.
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  • light-filtering Window image
    If you don't need to block light but want a little more privacy, try light-filtering styles to complete your room décor.
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  • Room-darkening Window panels image
    Ideal for darkening media rooms, bedrooms and more, these panels block glare and let you control sunlight when you want to.
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  • Blackout Window panels image
    These panels ensure privacy and can be energy-efficient. They block light to create a soothing environment so you can relax undisturbed.
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  • Panel Top Treatments
  • Rod-Pocket window panel image
    With a pocket along the top for the rod, these create a full, gathered look and are ideal for curtains that don't open & close daily.
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  • Grommet window panel image
    With a metal ring, these slide smoothly over the rod and enhance a clean, modern look.
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  • Additional Window Options