The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we create delicious meals made with love, and where we break bread and talk about the day. It’s also where family, friends, and guests gather and mingle. Allow your kitchen decor to reflect this warm welcome with kitchen curtains, an ideal choice for elevating your eating space.

Brylane Home carries stylish tier curtains, valances, cafe curtains, swags, window shades, and full-length curtains to complement your kitchen decor. Our curtains are a great way to create privacy while still allowing light into the space. They’re also an affordable way to add major impact to the look and feel of your kitchen.

Kitchen curtains don’t take a lot of effort to hang, either. Unlike major renovations and do-it-yourself projects, kitchen curtains can be installed in a matter of hours.


We offer several different kitchen curtain styles to accentuate your space, and you may be wondering which style is best for your needs. We believe that the type you choose should depend on how you live and work in the space, so here are our suggestions for choosing the kitchen curtains that are right for you.

Valances and swags may be small, but they are mighty. Choose to hang them across the top of your windows if you want to maximize the light coming into your space. They’re great for making an impact without obstructing your view, and if you’d like a little more privacy with your valances and swags, pair them with a matching tier curtain. Valances and swags look fantastic on all types of windows, including bay windows and windows above sinks and countertops.

Tier and cafe curtains can be used alone or paired with a valance. This curtain style is hung at the horizontal midline of your window and still lets in plenty of light from the exposed window above while providing major privacy below. If you wish to still admire the view from your window, then choose a tier or cafe curtain pair (featuring a vertical middle split) for easy opening. Tier and cafe curtains also look great on all types of windows, including bay windows and windows above sinks and countertops.

Tie-up window shades are a unique and beautiful choice. Big on cottage charm, our tie-up window shades feature a ribbon and bow swag that allows in a moderate amount of light with a major decorative impact. Tie-up shades complement all types of kitchen windows, including bay windows above sinks and countertops.

Full-length kitchen curtains make a major visual impact in your eating space while giving you the option to filter out a lot of light and create some privacy when closed. These can be paired with our matching valances for a coordinated, multi-tiered look. Full-length kitchen curtains look great on all types of kitchen windows, including bay windows, but they’re not recommended for use with windows above sinks and countertops, because the length is too long.