Area rugs are great for creating layers, depth, and softness. They also help to anchor your space. They work well in nearly every room of the home, including living, dining, and bedrooms, as well as foyers and other nooks. Generally easy to maintain, most area rugs just need vacuuming and spot cleaning.

BrylaneHome carries several different sizes and designs to tie your decor together. We have traditional rugs with floral touches and modern designs with geometric patterns. You'll also find bright and cheery choices in addition to transitional looks that work well in a variety of settings.


We make it easy to coordinate area rugs for your home. Our area rug sets come complete with three to four carpets that can be placed throughout your space. They include a large room-sized rug, a runner, an accent rug, and, in some sets, a smaller room-sized rug.

Our Floral Vine 4-Pc. Rug Set features a botanical motif surrounded by a blooming border and comes in three beautiful colors: blue, ivory, and red. The silky soft pile is designed to withstand heavy traffic without fading or fraying. It’s also stain-resistant, which makes it a perfect fit for households with pets and children.


Choosing the proper area rugs for your space varies from one home to the next, but we have a few tips to help you get started.

For the living room, you may wish to follow one of three recommendations. The first is to ensure that at least all of the front legs of your furniture (sofa, loveseat, and chairs) are placed on the rug. In this scenario, your coffee table will be centralized (on the rug) and your end tables will most likely be off the rug.

The second option is to place everything just off the rug, bordering around it, with the exception of your coffee table and any ottomans you may have. The third is to break the first two rules and place all of your furniture on a very large area rug in your home. The first and third options can help to delineate spaces in an open floor plan.

When it comes to dining rooms, you should aim to have at least 24 inches of extra room on all sides of the dining table. Ideally, all dining chair legs will be able to sit on the rug when pushed in. Optimally, all dining chair legs will still be on the rug when pulled out.

In the bedroom, there are several area rug options. Place your rug approximately mid-way below your bed so that you can see several inches of the rug on both sides and beyond the foot of the bed. Your end tables shouldn’t be on the rug.

If you're on a budget or prefer the look of accent rugs, then flank the bed with two small carpets. Another option is to use a very large area rug and place it against the wall at the head of the bed. Your bed and end tables should be able to fit on top of the rug with ample carpet exposed all around.